Treasure Hunting for Indian Peace Medals

Originally the Indian Peace medals were made for the British Kings starting in the pre revolutionary times, then progressed to having one for each of the US presidents till the late 1860;s. they come in 2 main types, a normal round coin shape that everyone is familiar with, and a engraved oval type Medals.

Since these medals were originally given to the various Indian tribes as a show of friendship, this is where it starts to get exciting for the treasure hunter. The main reason is to think like this, say you were given a nice shiny medal from the US government agent declaring there love of piece. Then you sitting in your tepee minding your own business, and in comes the government agent that a few weeks ago just gave you the medal, telling you there relocating you to the middle of nowhere. Well my first instinct would be to get rid of any thing that reminds me of the government as soon as possible.

Now most treasure hunters and metal detector users know that 90 percent of these medals that were lost or thrown away will be worthless due to where they ended up and what they were made of.  We will concentrate on the ones that are not. Gold is really not affected by much, and did I mention the ones made of gold have sold  at auction for around  $100,000.00, not bad for one swing of a detector.

So where do we start looking, well since the entire US was at one time inhabited by at least one Indian tribe that cover the general where do I look. I have always concentrated in areas in Pennsylvania where arrow heads were found, researching these places will narrow down your initial search area. Try contacting a club or a private collector in your area that will be willing to share more information. Reading every thing you can about your local history will also help.

We now have a new dimension to add to or treasure hunting arsenal, as with any thing you may find, be careful how you treat the items you found and recovered till you know the value of your find. And it goes with out saying that you also need to be careful and considerate of the property you are hunting on.  

One final thought, no matter what your treasure passion is, it all comes down to research and planning. If you fail to do these 2 things your chances of success will be slim. So do the research, have fun  and good luck in all you do.

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  1. Caza perdida del tesoro - March 3rd, 2007 at 4:41 am

    Caza del tesoro para las medallas indias de la paz…

    Las medallas indias de la paz fueron hechas originalmente para los reyes británicos que comenzaban en los tiempos pre revolucionarios, entonces progresado a tener uno para cada uno de los presidentes de los E.E.U.U. hasta finales de 1860; s. vienen …

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