Ever want to write a Lost Treasure Hunting book

Calling all the treasure hunters and metal detectors and general
rockhounds out there, its time to write that book you have been
talking about for ever. Let’s get it from your head to other
peoples hands. And by doing so you might actually make more money
then you spend in this hobby, it’s to late for me I will always be
buying a bigger motor home or a better dredge or detector, but there
may still be hope for you. Stephanie my lovely wife still lets me
believe it’s ok to enjoy the things you love to do and it’s not
really a disease lol.

Yes I know what your thinking where’s mine, lol, well it has taken
this long to find someone willing to do my editing, Having been
educated in a public school in southwestern PA has left my basic
English skills a bit lacking, I was able to get through college,
even though that took 20 years while I was traveling around the
world the whole time, by doing the minimum in any thing related to
an English class, could be why I ended up with an engineering
degree. Ok back to the editor, I have finally found someone that
looks at it as a challenge, to take my words and make them
presentable to the general public and not go running out of the
room crying and screaming.

Dr Cynthia Porter has agreed to take on the task of making my work
grammatically correct, now I think she is actually using me for
another thesis of how some one can do every thing there is to do
wrong in the English language, do it really wrong and still tell a
story that will be of interest to others, but only time and another
PHD for Cynthia will tell me if I am right on that one. So take a
few minutes and visit her blog at
And if you have a desire to ever write a book or novel get on her
mailing list also.

Now back to getting you published, its a lot easier then you think,
with all the new changes in the internet there are so many options
to going for a straight ebook or doing self publishing where the
books are printed and shipped as they are ordered so there is no
out of pocket cost to the author.

If there is any interest from any of the readers I will continue
with this series and cover more and more and even make some of our
products available to those that are trying.

If your not sure your ready to jump into the book right away there
are a lot of other things you should be doing to get ready from the
basic squidoo lenses I covered in a previous one and is totally
free so if you haven’t get signed up there and even if you don’t do
a lenses help by rating the lens of the people out there doing
something to advance the treasure hunting and metal detecting
hobby. That free sign up is

And to doing a blog like the one I directed you to of Cynthia’s or
my treasure one also. here there are options and the only
determining factor is the amount you want to invest in it, it goes
from free to a lot, so it all depends on what your end goal is, if
its the hobby and making a few extra dollars the free route is
fine, If your looking to retire its going to take some investment.

So again let me know by either email, a comment on the blog or get
to me some how and I will continue this if there is any one out
there that it can help.

And in case you’re interested I work on the book regularly now that
I got someone to finally fix it for me, still working on a title
and may do something where I get the readers to suggest one or have
a contest with the best ones receiving some great prizes.

Still having fun in Vegas, so if your out west let me know.

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