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lost Gold Mines

Tuesday 24 August 2010 @ 2:11 am

If you crave for some real adventure and can spare the time for this purpose, a search for lost gold mines and rich deposits should be highly attractive. The world” mine” in the parlance of gold prospectors does not always mean a hole in the ground for the purpose of extracting gold, but rather, in a broader sense, also any deposit of mineral or of O1′e suitable for extraction, no matter whether there has been any lost digging done or not.

That a rich discovery, once made; may be lost again, seems unbelievable to many who are not acquainted with the wide open spaces of the western deserts and mountains, where many hills look almost alike and very few of them possess definite distinguishing landmarks whereby they may be recognized again when seen for the second time. This should impress you with the importance of our advice for noting on the topographic maps every spot where a sample has been taken and record very carefully and accurately your location on the topographic maps after staking the same.

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lost Gold Mines

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