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If you crave for some real adventure and can spare the time for this purpose, a search for lost gold mines and rich deposits should be highly attractive. The world” mine” in the parlance of gold prospectors does not always mean a hole in the ground for the purpose of extracting gold, but rather, in a broader sense, also any deposit of mineral or of O1′e suitable for extraction, no matter whether there has been any lost digging done or not.

That a rich discovery, once made; may be lost again, seems unbelievable to many who are not acquainted with the wide open spaces of the western deserts and mountains, where many hills look almost alike and very few of them possess definite distinguishing landmarks whereby they may be recognized again when seen for the second time. This should impress you with the importance of our advice for noting on the topographic maps every spot where a sample has been taken and record very carefully and accurately your location on the topographic maps after staking the same.

Besides, the location of many rich mines was intentionally kept secret by their discoverers, some of them died without ever revealing their secrets. Some of the old Spanish mines in the Southwest have been abandoned for different reasons, such as attacks by hostile Indians, occurrence of water in the shafts, lack of sufficient technical knowledge, and the workings have been subsequently covered by shifting sands, landslides, earthquakes and various natural agencies.

On the other hand it must be admitted that every gold mining region has its stories and fairy tales of fabulously rich mines. These stories seldom contain all the truth and nothing but the truth, usually, however, they are based on somewhat distorted facts, and always they point to gold bearing districts, where other deposits may often be found while searching for the lost mine.

Thus in January 1932 the newspapers brought the following story: “Hunters Locate I.ost Gold Mine. - Tucson, Arizona, Jan. 23. - Because a dog chased a rabbit into a large hole in the mountain side, the famous El Rey Gold Mine, lost more than two centuries ago, was found recently. Tools and manuscripts discovered bore the
date 1672.

Early Spanish explorers and Indians are said to have taken $1,000,000 in gold from the shaft more than 1,000 feet deep. The dog’s owner, C. B. Trott, and other members of the hunting party have staked claims.” It is the opinion of many persons acquainted with the circumstances of the original discovery and with the surrounding country that the famous, fabulously rich Breyfogle Mine has never been definitely located. Several other high grade deposits have been discovered, however, in the long continued search for this bonanza.

Some think that the lost Breyfogle Mine was discovered in the “Johnnie Mine” in the southern part of the Nye County, Nevada, that contained very rich gold ore in its very outcrop. Others think that the lost Breyfogle Mine was discovered by the sons of James Clifford Sr. who has located on a ranch near a wild horse spring east of Tonopah. On a small hill within the ranch his sons accidentally discovered very rich gold ore. They were subsequently digging out the ore, putting it in sacks and hauling on wagons across the desert to a railroad from where it was being shipped to smelters in Utah or Colorado.

The ore was so rich that Clifford sometimes got several thousand dollars for a single load. Without machinery and equipment and with crude workings this mine produced $600,000 worth of gold. The existence of some of the lost rich mines was proved beyond any doubt by native gold, either fine or in large nuggets, and by samples very rich in gold, that have been seen and assayed by reliable and trust¬ worthy men. And we believe that at least some of these lost mines will be discovered in the near future by the well informed and properly equipped prospector conducting the search as a grand and glorious adventure.

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