Lost Treasure Recovery Club

Lost treasure Hunting Recovery club

This is my original thoughts on forming a club, these are just rough ideas and would like some input from everyone.

Main reason would be to pool the resources of a vast group of people together to:

Gather every bit of info out there one treasure at a time

Put all the research up for the members to look at and comment on

Go through it research Organize it and make a determination if a recovery is worth it.

Write a book using all the research to promote and sell on the internet

If worth it go after the treasure as a group.

Split what ever recovered evenly

Have a site dedicated to this a member only type,

Have a basic free membership when they can post and buy products and get a lot of free information.

Have a paid member’s area where the people there are involved in the recovery

What would be a good membership fee?

What would be the level of help expected?

Can some one opt out too the research and just buy in for a share of the book and treasure

If so what higher fee would be fair?

Comment on the page or email me






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